Maroni is a delightful village set apart from the usual tourist tracks, offering the perfect base for touring this lovely Mediterranean Island, situated as it is midway between the 3 major Towns of Nicosia, Limassol and Larnaca, each only 30 minutes drive away.

Set on the edge of a dry river valley and surrounded by gentle rolling hills with views of the sea to the south, a 2 minute drive or ½ hour walk to sandy beaches, and to the north of the Troodos Mountain Range and ski slopes, an hours drive away.

The neighbouring Village of Zyggi is famous for its waterside Fish Tavernas, and many other surrounding villages all have their own delightful Tavernas offering warm hospitality and good local food.

Within a very short drive there is a Camel Park, a choice of sandy beaches, one with water sports, a Neolithic village, and fascinating working villages all offering small surprises for your discovery… For example I came across the village of Kato Dryss where I discovered a bee-keeping museum run by the most delightful of couples fully cognisant of all things bee related… I could barely tear myself away, clutching their own delicious honey and vinegar.

Also in Kato Dryss, a magical tiny corner shop of an alchemist called Elli, who takes fruit and vegetables and turns them into the most delectable chutneys and jams, the like of which has people coming from all over the Island to spend a happy half hour tasting and buying. Not one of my guests has left empty handed from "Jars".

Anna Marangou, Cypriot Archaeologist and Art Historian, fluent in 4 languages Greek, English, German and French, offers a unique service here in Cyprus... walks from North to South and East to west of this lovely Island. She is passionate about her country and her walks and talks are vibrant, entertaining and very interesting, taking you to places you would never find on your own.

Cyprus has a rich and varied history with plenty of archaeological ruins, Byzantine churches and monasteries, crusader castles and palaces, not to mention its more modern history of invasion and division. To Anna Marangou however it is one island, the island where she was born and raised and to which she has devoted most of her working life as an archaeologist and art historian to bring to a wider audience its many beautiful sights. Her web site can offer you excursions and walks with a historical but also contemporary insight into places of interest and subject matters of special significance on both sides of the dividing line. Historic Cyprus Website

Gliding in Cyprus
The Cyprus Gliding Group flies from an airfield just outside of Mammari village. The airfield is located next to the UN buffer zone and the flying area affords spectacular views of the Kyrenia mountains to the north and the Trodos range to the south. The Club operates two twin seater winch launched gliders ( Schleicher ASK 13 and K7M) and one self launched Falkemotor glider. The Club is established to comply with the rules and regulations of The British Gliding Association in respect of all aircraft airworthiness and pilot competence issues. We fly every Wednesday and Saturday afternoons (subject to weather and operational limitations) and are pleased to offer visitors trial flights. All visitor flights are conducted bytrained instructors.

Visitors should telephone in advance to check that the field will be operational and to confirm bookings for trial flights one day in advance. To find out more or to book a flight please call Greg Marshall on 99312821 Or Derek Smith on 9955382 Special rates have been offered to Little Lodge guests... normal rate €20 Little Lodge rate €15.

Cyprus is a fascinating island with a rich history of culture, gastronomy, archaeology, and so much more. To help you explore the many possible ways of discovering places to visit and things to do, here are a number of links. I would suggest googling their Trip Advisor reviews that will really whet your appetite.